Mediation / Alternate Dispute Resolution

Mediation is an inexpensive form of alternate dispute resolution compared to more formal options such as litigation or arbitration.

Synergise offers a mediation service for individuals and organisations seeking this form of dispute resolution where personal or professional relationships have got off-track.  Whether conflict arises between employers, employees, clients, neighbours, suppliers, family or friends, our consultants utilise recognised and effective techniques, to assist parties work towards a sustainable resolution.  Our professional staff specialise in mediating workplace issues.

The goal of mediation is to assist disputing parties focus on a mutual problem, discuss it, debate possible outcomes, and - if they choose - consent to a solution.  In mediation, people get the opportunity to say what they really need to in a confidential and safe atmosphere, in the presence of a neutral third party who keeps the communications respectful and constructive.

Our accredited mediators (Resolution Institute) have particular expertise in dealing with workplace issues.  Unresolved workplace grievances and conflict can result in poor productivity, absenteeism, illness and injury or stress claims.  If conflict remains unresolved, pre-existing physical or psychological injuries can deepen.  This can lead to increased cost of claims and further productivity loss.

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